Soil Food Web Analysis


A soil food web analysis determines the biomass of the different groups of soil microbes to give an indication of the microbiome ecology in your soil. Primary decomposers and predator species are examined and a comparison to ideal levels is given to help you better manage your soil biology.



A 10g soil sample is required to perform the analysis.
Guidelines for sampling:

  • Samples should be drawn from the root zone of the plant of interest. Take a sample at the base of a plant.
  • Brush away plant debris to expose the soil surface.
  • Take three samples around the base of the plant with a small shovel or sample core.
  • It is best to sample the top 10 – 15cm of the soil.
  • Mix the samples together in a plastic bag, ensure that the bag is only half full leaving some space for air.
  • Seal the bag and label with the sample reference number, customer name and date.
  • Samples should be stored in the shade and not exposed to excessive heat.
  • Samples should be shipped as soon as possible. The best results are gained within 3-5 days of sampling.

Please complete the sample submission form below for each sample you intend to send us. This form helps us track samples and deliver a quick and efficient service. Once you have submitted the sample form please purchase the samples above and proceed to checkout. Samples will only be analysed once a purchase and payment has been completed.